Serial assessment of storage induced changes in electrolytes, pH, glucose and cell
counts of CPDA-1 stored whole blood

Anbuselvi Mattuvar Kuzhali S¹, Balasubramanian Kabali²,
Anjana R³,
Manigandan S4,
Karan S5,

¹Department of Physiology,
²Retd. Director, Institute of Physiology and Experimental Medicine, Madras Medical College,
3,4,5Final year MBBS student,
6Professor and HOD, Department of Blood bank, Stanley Medical College, All affiliated to The Tamil Nadu Dr. MGR Medical University, Chennai, India

  • Background: Most donor blood units for transfusion purposes are stored in Citrate Phosphate Dextrose Adenine-1 (CPDA-1) at blood-banks until used. Despite improvements made in blood storage attempts, CPDA- 1 may still cause morphological and degenerative changes in red blood cells (RBCs) if storage is prolonged. The alteration in pH and electrolyte levels will alter the hemodynamics and cause detrimental effects after transfusion.
  • Aim: To estimate the serial changes in the biochemical and haematological parameters of CPDA-1 stored whole blood for 7 days.
  • Materials and Methods: After donor screening, 20 units of CPDA-1 stored whole blood was tested for the biochemical parameters like pH, electrolytes, glucose and blood cell counts. pH meter and fully automated analyzer was used. Data are evaluated and analyzed using SPSS 24.0.
  • Results: A significant decrease in plasma concentrations of sodium (consistent), glucose (>day5), pH (consistent) and increase in potassium concentration (>day3) was observed (p<0.000). A significant positive correlation was found between the mean pH levels with mean potassium and glucose concentrations (p<0.0001). A significant concomitant decrease in both RBC and WBC was observed.
  • Conclusion: Our study revealed that the more acidic pH and rapid rise in K+ in stored whole blood after 3 days. The biochemical changes were within acceptable limits of safety and can provide more utility if used within 5days of storage.

Keywords: CPDA-1 stored whole blood, potassium, pH, duration