A call for more research in medical education

Suzanne Maria D’cruz, Navin Rajaratnam, Renuka Devi MR

Aggregated cardiovascular risk scores as a marker of neuropathy among patients with type 2 diabetes — A correlational analysis

Vijayananth P, Anbarasi M, Hemadharshini S, Tharun S

Study on distribution of different classes of Mallampati grading and its association with sleep apnea – a cross-sectional analysis

Anbuselvi Mattuvar Kuzhali S, Balasubramanian Kabali, Jayabharathi P, Balasubramanian Thiagarajan


A study of red cell distribution width in hypertensive individuals

Deepa Gunasekaran, Viji Devanand, Sasirekha G, Celine D, Umayal CC, Niveditha Pari

Effect of bilateral cerebellar fastigial nucleus lesion on non-specific immune responses in adult wistar albino rats

Gajalakshmi G, Sheela Devi R

A comparative study on estimation of salivary pH as a screening tool for identifying early neural dysfunction in type 2 diabetes

Anbuselvi Mattuvar Kuzhali S, Hemachandrika C, Vishwanatha Rao B, Anand Moses CR

Concept mapping in basic sciences education: a teaching-learning, feedback and assessment tool

Arifath Mohideen


Adiponectin — its role in metabolic and inflammatory disorders

Geetha Rani R

Pediatric Urolithiasis in an obese adolescent

Arifath Mohideen, Gopinath V

 A case of Psychogenic Polydipsia

Viji Devanand, Sathishkumar S, Shanthini R, Anto Nazarene F