Cognitive Nutrition

Anitha Achuthan¹, Rohit K²
¹Professor & HOD,
Department of Physiology,
Chengalpattu Medical College,
²III MBBS student,
Saveetha Medical College,
Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

  • For all the mysteries about the human brain, one clear conception: The brain needs nutritious foods, like the rest of the body. Studies report a positive link between breastfeeding and the mental abilities of children. Scientists found that breastfed infants do have higher verbal and nonverbal skills than children who consume only formula. Many people would like to improve their memory. Can foods help us remember things better? Several studies identify foods that may boost memory in healthy adults.Fruits and vegetables are crucial for maintaining a healthy mind and decelerating brain aging. The importance of vitamins to brain health is indisputable. Nuts, seeds and olive oil, healthy components of many traditional diets, are too good for the brain.Is age-associated cognitive decay inevitable? Can diet prevent mental deterioration as we age? Nutritional research hasproven that various healthy diets may prevent mental decline and dementia. Dietary adjustments helpin mental disorders. Clinical trials with the elderly identified nutrients that may have therapeutic benefits such as deferring dementia and memory loss. Moreover, several diets, especially the Mediterranean diet, are substantiated to be beneficial to people with neurodegenerative disorders. We Eat, Therefore We Think.
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