Digital Detox

Priscilla Johnson¹,
Johnson WMS²,
Meenakumari K³

¹Professor & HOD,
Department of Physiology,
Sri Ramachandra Medical
College & Hospital, Chennai,
²Professor & HOD,
Department of Anatomy
³Research Associate,
Genomic Laboratory,
Sree Balaji Medical
College & Hospital, (BIHER),
Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

  • Smartphones are the primary gadgets we use in the beginning of a day and the exact last thing we check before hitting the hay. Truth to be told, smartphone using habit presently has a clinical name ‘Nomo phobia’ the dread of being without or away from a cell phone. We are never again overseeing innovation rather it is innovation now overseeing us. Tech dependence has become a worldwide issue and is making a nomophobe of all of us. With the extension of the innovation, individuals – particularly the understudies have a huge swath of e-communication devices readily available and they are almost glued to them. Recent researches have assessed that 100% of college students have their own cell phones and every one of them carry their gadgets to the study place. Everybody realizes that they are dependent to some degree yet most don’t have the foggiest idea about that the sum they spend on their innovation is doing a great deal of damages. All over the nation, individuals are opposing the hold, the smartphones and contraptions have taken on their lives, mind space and their utilization of leisure time. It is known as a computerized detox and it is being prescribed by innovation deaddiction and directing facilities.
  • Keywords: cell phones, digital detox, gadgets, laptop