Introspecting adolescence

Rowena Victor¹
Viji Devanand²
Sasirekha G³

Department of Physiology,
Govt.Thoothukudi Medical College,
²Professor & Head,
Department of Physiology,
Stanley Medical College
³3Assistant Professor,
Department of Physiology,
Govt Medical College,
Tamilnadu, India

  • Adolescents are the vulnerable age group who are easily influenced by peer pressure, society, inclination more towards ‘To know’, to explore, to enjoy and recreate. It is during this period nearly 10-20% of adolescents experience a new wave of transformation with an altered self. Psychiatric illness like schizophrenia, teen depression, Polysubstance abuse are on the rise and most cases are undetected and untreated. Personality disorders are quite common. Road traffic accidents, criminal activities, underage sex, bullying, school dropouts, unexplained deaths, suicides and many antisocial activities are increasing day by day as we do not know how to help them tide over this crucial phase. Mobile usage, game addiction, increase in screen time, academic problems, family conflicts, relationship difficulties along with stress, change in lifestyle cause a lot of psychological and physical problems which when identified early will reduce the burden and overall, the quality of individual and their family life will be healthy and productive. Moreover, recently researchers have focused on the importance of Parental involvement and teacher’s guidance in early care and support. It can be taught to general public since it plays an important role in successful support for the teens in need to counter social pressure and to overcome all negative impacts and build self-esteem and resilience. This short communication is intended to provide an insight into’ What adolescence is? Why this period is of a prime concern? How to make them be useful to the society? What are the imminent dangers? What happens when it’s not being addressed properly at the right time? and lastly to understand and give hands to lift them up.
  • Keywords: adolescence, hormones, psychiatric problems